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EyeCon EyeBot-Controller M5
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Technical Data:
- 25MHz 32bit Controller (Motorola 68332)
- 1MB RAM, extendible to 2MB
- 512KB ROM (for system + user programs!)
- 1 parallel port
- 3 serial ports (2 V24, 1 TTL)
- 8 digital inputs
- 8 digital outputs
- 8 analog inputs
- 2 motor drivers

- single compact PCB
- interface for color camera
- large graphics LCD (128x64 pixels)
- 4 input buttons
- reset button, power switch
- speaker
- microphone
- battery level indicator
- Connectors for Actuators: 2 DC motors and/or 14 servos (PWM)
- Connectors for Sensors: digital camera, infrared distance sensors (PSD)
- Connectors for I/O: 8 digital in, 8 digital out, 8 analog in

EyeBot is one of the most advanced controllers for mobile robots available today. It can be used for mobile robots with wheels, walking robots or flying robots. It consists of a powerful 32-Bit microcontroller board with a graphics display and a digital color camera allowing it to do on-board image processing. This allows to write powerful robot control programs without a big and heavy computer system and without having to sacrifice vision - the most important sensor.


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See more information on EyeBot and EyeBot ftp server.

EyeCam Camera C2
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EyeCam C2 is a medium  resolution full color camera. The canera supports max. 640x480 individual pixels (VGA), but is usually used in QVGA mode (320x240, 32bit color) or even low-resolution mode (60x80, RGB) in order to get a higher frame rate on the EyeBot controller. The camera can be seen mounted on the SoccerBot robot on the robot web page. Below are a few images that have been taken with the EyeCam at the lowest resolution (60x80).


Sample Images: