IRDA for EyeBot

The IrDA-Set allows a serial communication between the robot and the
host PC e.g. for fast program download to the robot or debugging
purposes like sensor visualization. The data rate is 115kbs which is
higher compared to the
wireless RF modules. However, receiver and transmitter have to face each
other in order to maintain the maximum range of 5 meters. There is no
networking software included, so for data exchange with the PC the user
to write his own software/protocol or has to purchase the seperate
networking software. The IrDA connection behaves like a half-duplex
unsecure cable connection. A free data visualization tool written in
JAVA is in preperation and will be available within the next weeks.


IrDA-Set, 115kbaud, range up to 5 m.
Includes IrDA-adaptor for PC (9 pin serial), IrDA-transceiver for the
Eyebot MK4's serial port 3. Allows fast program download and robot to PC
communication for visualization purposes (e.g. transmitting camera