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SoccerBot S4 and SoccerBot S4X Mobile Robots
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The SoccerBot S4 is a small, compact mobile robot built around the EyeBot controller and EyeCam camera. It meets the size requirements for RoboCup F180 league (an international robotics research competition, played by 5-a-side robot teams) as well as the FIRA RoboSot league. Unlike most other systems, the SoccerBot is a completely autonomous robot system. It can be used for a variety of application areas in research, education, and entertainment.
SoccerBot S4 has the controller mounted flat on the robot chasis, while S4X has the contoller mounted at an angle, giving additional space for two servos, enabling camera panning and kicker action.

Only the best components have been used to construct the SoccerBots, e.g. highest quality German DC motors from Faulhaber with encapsulated gears and encapsulated encoders.

SoccerBot Features:


SoccerBot S4

SoccerBot S4X


Optional Extras

EyeNet Wireless Module N1
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The wireless module is an add-on for the EyeBot controller board. It allows several EyeBots to communicate with each other (1 module required per EyeBot) or with a PC (requires one PCNet box). The module comprises an RF module, an antenna, and the radio library for RoBIOS. This library comprises basic communication functions that can be used in application programs. Establishing of the wireless network, integration of incoming controllers/robots, and error checking is done automatically.

PCNet Wireless Box P1
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The PCNet wireless box is required to link one or more EyeBots / EyeBot robots with a PC. A number of example programs are available from the web.

Infrared TV-Remote (from AndroTec)
Use a standard TV remote as input for your EyeBot.

Infrared IrDA (from AndroTec)
Bidirectional IrDA data communication module to link an EyeBot to a PC.
See details.